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The clumsy plain text editor with Kate syntax highlighting

This is the minimalist plain text editor without any additional functionality.
It is not extensible editor and has no documentation, but:
- It can highlight syntax by files from Kate editor - you can write your own syntax file without restarting the editor
- It has multiple carets (multiple cursors) with multiple selections, and so it's not fully poor
We used it in ours project for our DSL editing. Now I use it for logs analizing with scripts and as main editor for Unity3d/C# (I just hate to wait project reloading in Visual Studio)
- It has vi mode (minimal but possible to use)

Why is not Kate?
- It has no multiple cursors (yes, instead it has vim emulation, but vim emulation is not vim)
- It's installer is not so lightweight as you would like

Why is not Sublime Text?
Yes, this editor is miserable, slow, not fully stable, not extensible parody for Sublime Text. It has no autocomplete, snippets, folding and keys customizing(!), but:
- it requires less time to customize external tools running from editor
- it requires less time to make highlighting for you own syntax
It makes Typewriter.NET more simple for some cases


Config parameters and actions
Editor uses 3 level of config:
- factory settings
- global config and syntax/scheme files
- local config (it activates when current folder contains it, current folder can be setted by several ways, for expample, by menu command/shotcut while cursor in file tree)
All it can be edited by menu command/shotcut
All config parameters and commands you can see in help in editor (called by F1)

For your own syntax creation or edit read Kate syntax file description )
Template can be created from menu
Accessible format names see in help (F1)

All accessible commands with shotcuts are presended in editor menu (Note that it is depended on current text box with cursor)

If you need special shortcut (for you project) with his own window size, currend directory and etc., use command line option in shortcut: -temp <my_special_name>

- Multiple cursors/selections (next selection: Ctrl + D, select all matches: Ctrl + Shift + D, select all matches with regex or ignoring case: Ctrl + Shift + D from FindDialog)

- Unselect previous by Ctrl + K
- Matches selection incide selected range (by Ctrl + Shift + D from FindDialog)
- Switching of undo branches (by Ctrl+T, it's possible because undo history is stored as tree)

- Color highlighting at cursor

- You own color scheme creation (with update sheme on save)
- Fast color scheme preview by Ctrl + Shift + C (you don't need to remember it - just remember Ctrl + Shift + P for all menu actions)
- Macroses

- Minimap
- File searching by Ctrl-P
- Search all current menu actions by Ctrl + Shift + P
- Your own syntax creation (with update syntax on syntax file saving)
- Search text in current dir files (recursive)
- Search text in current file or other editor frame (i.e. FileTree or searching in files output), optional with ignore case (Ctrl+Shift+I for on/off) or regex (Ctrl+Shift+R for on/off)
- Running shell commands with ouput to console (command dialog shows by Ctrl + ;, but command text can be assigned to F5-F12 buttons in config, shell command starts with ! or !^)
- Custom encoding and syntax coloring for concrete shell command output (!{s:syntax;e:encoding}command})
- Using %f% (file path), %l%(line under cursor), %c%(char) parameters in command
- Navigate to position in file by command output console click (need configure shellRegex in config for your compiller/script output)
- FileTree (Ctrl + I): navigation, creation/removing files, current directory changing, current file selection in tree (Ctrl + 0)
- Scrolling to bottom (if cursor already bottom) on file reloading by Ctrl + R - for log reading
- Cursor position and file syntax setup storage
- Encoding changing: for save, for read, for shell output
- Horizontal scrolling with mouse wheel and shift
- Showing space characters, line endings, line numbers options
- Jump to line by number (Ctrl + G)
- Brackets highlighting
- Selected word highlighting
- Show 2 files together (Alt + Right, Alt + Left)
- Autoclosing of superfluous tabs if count more than maxTabsCount parameter in config
- Minimalistic OmniSharp server support (use omnisharpSln parameter in config; or use command omnisharpSln=... with reload solution)
- Opening file on concrete line by parameter
- Separation commands and "spacesInsteadTabs" settings by current filename
- Open recently files (Ctrl + Shift + O)
- Switch to recently current directories (Ctrl + Shift + G)
- Multirenaming - select several files in FileTree and press Ctrl+R (as single file renaming)
- Fullscreen mode on maximize (need fullScreenOnMaximized="true" in config, Ctrl+Enter - back to normal mode)
- Stripped-down implementation of path autocomplite in command dialog (Tab/Ctrl+Enter)
- Pasting in output - for stack traces (Ctrl + Shift + V)
- minimal vi-mode support (learn more in buildin help by F1 and Shift+F1)
- jump in place in vi-mode (press Space, symbol in place, than showing symbols)
- minimal snippets support (learn more in buildin help and in menu items)
- minimal ctags support (learn more in buildin help and in command list)
- minimal primitive REPL
- Number sequences like 1, 2, 3, 4 ... insertion by enum command (for example: put several cursors, press 'Ctrl+;', write 'enum', press Enter, other cases see in help - F1)
- Inside file tree: clipboard copy/cut/paste files - Ctrl+Shift+C, Ctrl+Shift+V(or Ctrl+V),
Ctrl+Shift+X(or Ctrl+X). Note! Ctrl+C is reserved to copy text, not files
- Inside file tree: if standard multiple selection(Ctrl+D) is difficult to select several files - use Tab key to select/unselect file under last cursor and to move last cursor separately


To make "python-calculator" command "python" insert in config:
<item name="command" value="python|[C-:]replb {s:python;e:utf-8;i:>>>}C:\Python27\python -i[cr]"/>

Of cause, you can make shortcut:
<item name="shiftF8Command" value="replb {s:python;e:utf-8;i:>>>}C:\Python27\python -i[cr]"/>

To use old c# syntax highlighting insert in config:
<item name="syntax:*.cs" value="c#-less-colors"/>

To make python checking on file saving insert in config something like this:
<item name="afterSaveCommand:*.py" value="!?^python -m pep8 --ignore=W191,E501,E711,W293 %f%"/>

Build instructions see in in SOURCE CODE

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